Sunday, April 25, 2010

Latest Painting

So this is a piece I have been working on Lately. It was done personally but also served as a an entry into a themed exhibition (or art event, rather - kind of an auction thing) organized by Innovate Baltimore and the Baltimore Love Project. The theme I was to interpret was "Innovate Love". I could explain my idea, but I often find the most interesting thing is to let people make up their own minds about what it means - some of my friends have come up with pretty cool stuff.
The piece is Oil on Canvas, 36" by 24". I did most of it with the palette knife; I wanted a very textural feel. It was a challenge, since I haven't painted in oils in a very long time (years). I started with a digital sketch to get a sense of the general color palette, composition, and concept. I highly recommend this if you want to get a quick preliminary idea. Doing this, though, did remind me that digital painting can teach you a lot about color, but nothing about mixing oil paint. In the end it was a pretty malleable process; I didn't want to stick to the sketch too closely so as to let the painting breathe, but I wanted to keep the general elements of the picture the same. I'll post the digital sketch as soon as I find it.

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