Sunday, January 31, 2010


So here is another piece I did recently. I think of it as some sort of undead catacombs ruler. It started as a concept for a friend of mine that's modeler at Firaxis (where I work). I then realized the spectrum deadline was approaching, so I decided to finish it in time to submit it. What ensued was a crazy-ass couple of days where I didn't get enough sleep, seeing as how I also had to prepare for teaching a class that same deadline day. I may get back into it, I may not. Here are some wip's:

And Done. Added spirits coming out of his staff of souls, drapery in the background, and there you have it.

Resolved a staff idea, added an aged carpet, and put some splatter here and there to give it more of a sense of history. I wanted this place to feel like it's not been cared for much, since it's in a dungeon sort of environment.

I then focused on the background. I wanted it to have hard, sharp shapes to emphasize the character of this guy. I also tried to come up with a staff idea, but it sucked, since I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be a head on the end or not (stupid idea).

For the modeler's sake, I kept the robe on a layer and clarified the armor some.

I then moved onto fleshing out some of the main shapes I wanted, especially in his armor.

I wanted a "creepy ruler" sort of figure. A throne seemed like a fitting idea. God ol' red and green complementary palette.

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