Monday, February 1, 2010


So here is a little quick piece I started on my Nintendo DS, on a program called Colors, which is awesome. It's pretty much like a mega-reduced photoshop. Great for quick ideas or studies. Anyway, I took it onto full-fledged photoshop and finished it there. Once again I am focusing more on color than anything else. I find that I need to do this every now and then, for some reason. I do some tightly rendered piece, and then move back to a completely loose, quick one. For this piece in particular, I had very specific colors in mind from the very beginning. I wanted to use red and green as the main colors by using mostly purple and blue to give them more importance. Red and green tend to work the best for me as complementaries. Here are the wip's.

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  1. I really love these recent landscapes, Pierro. You can just feel the air in them.